Homeschool Gymnastics

We proudly offer 2 great programs for Homeschoolers!
Recreational Gymnastics (Beginner – Advanced)

Our Homeschool Gymnastics classes offer the same high-quality instruction as the Recreational Gymnastics classes, during the day, at a great price!  If your child wants to learn the basics of gymnastics in a fun, family-friendly environment, this class is for you!  Come in for a free Trial Class and we’ll help place your child in the right class for their age and abilities.  Check out class prices and schedule and call us at 972-509-5000 to sign up.

Have a group that would like to do gymnastics together?  Let us know.  We can arrange a class time for you.

Walk-In Gymnastics (Non-Commitment, $5/class)

Join us every Tuesday from 1:00pm – 2:30pm for Walk-In Gymnastics!  We’ll warm up by playing a few games together, and then you’re free to explore the gym on your own!  It’s a ton of fun and we hope we’ll see you at the next class.

Cost: $5/class

No Commitment

Come as often as you can make it!

See Our Calendar for Classes!

Homeschool Class Schedules
12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrsWalk In Gymnastics 1:00-2:30pm No Registration12:00-12:55pm HS Advanced Boys 6-8yrs
12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Boys 6-8yrs12:00-12:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-9yrs
1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-10yrs1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Boys 6-10yrs
1:00-1:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 6-10yrs
2:00-3:25pm HS Advanced Girls 7+yrs2:00-2:55pm HS Beg/Int Girls 10+yrs2:00-3:25pm HS Advanced Girls 7+yrs